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For Consultation

Come in and speak with us about your idea. There should be no pressure while getting a tattoo for the first time. We want to help you feel comfortable about getting inked before talking about the design. Then we’ll help you brainstorm and flesh out the piece: work out the placement, subjects, sizing, detail, and most importantly, how you would like to feel when you finally see the piece on your skin.
This is important because we need to understand your vision to ensure that we can turn it into beautiful art. Drop by our Queens tattoo studio to get a better idea of how we can help you, but don’t stop there. You must have found a number of studios that you liked during your research, go talk with them about the rest of your questions and let them know how you want to feel when you finally have your tattoo.

Choosing The Right Tattoo Design

Now that you've decided you want a tattoo and understand the process, how do you actually design a tattoo? Do you have to draw one yourself or find one in a magazine? When you’re deciding on a design, the best solution is to look at plenty of studios and designs. Keep researching until you see a pattern in what you do and don’t like. We’ll work with you to figure out the best tattoo design for you. We also offer custom sketching services from our studio in Queens to put your ideas on paper and help you visualize your tattoo design.

Custom Designs For Your Tattoo

We pride ourselves on being one of the best custom Asian tattoo studio in NYC. So most of the time we will put out a drawn from scratch sketch for our clients so they can see first-hand what their piece will end up looking like.
The most important factor in choosing your design is being able to see realized versions of it before you get the tattoo done. At TJ tattoo, we make sure, through sketches and mock-ups that you know exactly what your tattoo is going to look like before you get it.
Check out some of the tattoo designs we've made in the past.

Your Tattoo Aftercare

Finally, there’s the application of the tattoo; the process of actually getting your tattoo put onto your skin. At TJ Tattoo, we guarantee our tattoos – which means we will touch up our work free of charge to ensure nothing is lost during the healing process.
Speaking of the healing process, the aftercare of your tattoo is just as important as getting the tattoo inked in the first place. We’ll let you know about all of the steps you’ll have to take to protect your tattoo so your tattoo will always look the way it’s supposed to.